Compliance and regulatory professional services

Turn your regulation burden into an asset today!


Provider of extensive compliance and regulatory services to Blockchain and FinTech companies.

Eunomia RegTech Consulting main goal is to help businesses to transform their regulatory burden into an opportunity and a competitive advantage.

Efficiency, flexibility and conformity are our three pillars. We believe that in a successful company all entities have to understand each other and work together for common goal of making the business a success.

With our multidisciplinary approach and flexibility, we provide tailored solution to our clients needs. Our in-depth regulatory (EMEA & APAC) and technological knowledge of blockchain and other emerging technologies (Web 3.0) allows us to provide clients commercially focused and up to date advice.


Business Advices

We manage, draft and advise our client on their commercial agreements, help them finding the best jurisdiction for incorporation and provide services related to the incorporation (licence application, bank account, visa, etc.).

Data Protection

We provide a full range of services regarding data protection including data mapping, applicable data protection regulations (such as GDPR), internal controls and management of data collection.


We provide our clients compliance support ranging from assistance to fully understand their legal obligation to helping your teams to put in place internal processes and policies. Our consultancy service is tailored to each individual clients needs.

Financial Services Providers

We assist our financial services clients to put in place the legally required AML/CTF and KYC processes/policies. Furthermore we help our clients with their obligations regarding financial services laws. Eunomia offers as well services related to ICOs and utility token offerings.

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